40 Reasons

40 Reasons why you should spend your 40th birthday surfing in Morocco…

Uncrowded Moroccan Surf

  1. 40th birthdays abroad slip under most people's radar at home
  2. Moroccans consider 40 a youthful age
  3. Flights from Europe daily
  4. It's half the price of Europe
  5. It's warmer than the Europe
  6. Long right point breaks
  7. Heavy reef breaks
  8. Uncrowded beach breaks
  9. The trip is more digestible for loved ones than Ibiza
  10. Good nightclubs and casinos
  11. Involving surfing makes a birthday party week seem healthier
  12. The mosque kindly wakes you up everyday for the dawn session.
  13. The mosque kindly lets you know when its beer-o'clock in the afternoon
  14. Locals don't surf before 10am
  15. The beer and wine are cheap, palatable and plentiful
  16. The guys at MSA welcome a good party
  17. Moroccans will nod along to your poor french unlike the French
  18. Head away from Agadir and there are more waves than surfers
  19. The coastline is considerably more varied than Europe
  20. It's never flat at Tamri
  21. Onshore winds are offshore on the points
  22. You will ride your step-up board
  23. You will ride your short board
  24. Local surfers are welcoming
  25. Al Fresco toilets at most good breaks
  26. See the famous plastic bag trees
  27. See the famous goats in trees
  28. Watching novices getting in and out at Anchor Point
  29. Men in high visibility vests will watch your car for 20 cents a surf
  30. Moroccan's invented the original surfers changing robe, the jellaba
  31. You can make lots of new friends with cigarette papers
  32. Mobile salesmen will also entertain you in-between surfs (thanks Hisham)
  33. All driving indiscretions are a 100 dirham 'cash only' handshake
  34. Camels photo-bomb your pictures
  35. Tagine, couscous, fresh bread, kebabs, fish and mint tea
  36. French bakeries
  37. Donut sellers on the beach
  38. Cut throat shave at the barbers
  39. Hammam and massages
  40. One stop at the souk on the way home and your souvenir shopping is done

40th Birthday Surf Trip Group

Thanks to all the crew at MSA for a great week, we'll be back…
DC, RC, Jinks, Tom and Bucko.

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