Chicks Rock’n Morocco

So long the preserve of male surfers, MSA is delighted to be opening its doors to increasing numbers of girl surfers. Emma Mildon gives us a girl's-eye view...

Surfing in Morocco kicked off at the same time as it did in the other surfing corners of the world. Morocco got noticed in the early 60’s by groups of American and Aussie servicemen, who were catching waves and loving the Moroccan climate and before long word quickly spread about the Moroccan breaks. The 80’s and 90’s saw European surfers explode onto the scene enjoying Morocco’s culture and peaceful vibe. These days surfers from all around the world stop off to check out the Moroccan swells and when I pulled up to Moroccan Surf Adventures in Tamraght, near Agadir I was surprised to see that it wasn’t the Americans or Aussies dominating the breaks – it was a group of International chicks!

Local Moroccan girl and surf break.

When the surf crew of Moroccan Surf Adventures welcomed me I could see why the girls were attracted to the camp…great waves, a great sun tanning climate and a dose of local culture many surf spots can’t deliver these days! Not to mention one of the guys working in the camp looked like Colin Farrell! Gah!

The Moroccan wakeup call got me out of bed pretty quick. The Muezzin call to pray at dawn echoes through the village and takes a bit of getting use to but at least it gets you up and ready to check the swell or do some Yoga with the Moroccan sunrise. The yoga class is the perfect stretch to prep you for your day surfing and, when mixed in with the hypnotic calls emanating from the minaret, transform the camp into a tranquil Arabian Yoga spot. Doing morning salutations looking over the coastline of Tagahzoute was a breathtaking experience.

Empty lineup.

The camp had fantastic food that was included in your stay. Chef Mo makes exotic Arabic three course meals that will be sure to fill you up after a day at the beach. Mo will even take you for a cooking class if you feel like playing Arabian Housewife – the perfect way to take some recipes home with you containing some real Moroccan spice!


The surf guides were all bi-lingual and local, scoping out the best spots for any level surfer and teaching the girls Arabic, history about the surf spots and even took us all to the bustling local souk - full of spices, lanterns and jewellery, so the girls could do a spot of shopping – making for the ultimate chick surf getaway! Girls from all over Europe, Australia and New Zealand who didn’t know each other at the start of the trip were plaiting each other’s hair, swapping daisy chains and cheering beers by the end of their Moroccan surf adventure.

Travel Tips:

NATURE: Morocco is a developing country but you will experience a feast of amazing natural and cultural beauty.
RELIGION: The majority of the country is muslim, so ladies, be aware that covering up is recommended when away from the surf spots.
HAZARDS: In the water the only dangers are urchins and rocks. Medical kits are a must and make sure you have travel insurance. On land, it is important to keep an eye on possessions as petty theft is common.
BARTERING: Morocco can be cheap, just remember bartering is part of the culture so be prepared to smile and engage in a friendly haggle for the best prices.

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