The Work Never Stops

The camp is currently closed for Ramadan until around 10th August. The staff have gone off to spend some quality time with their loved ones and for a well-earned rest.

It has been a great season, but a long one. All the team have worked extremely hard - we have seen record numbers of happy faces through the camp in the last year and we recently retained our Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor - which is a testament to all the effort that has gone in from the whole team.

But while the boys and girls recharge their batteries, Nige and Denny are not sitting on their hands. In fact, far from it. No rest for the wicked and all that!

This is the time to put in the groundwork to get ready for the next season. It’s a busy time.

First on the list is equipment. We are delighted to announce a brand new deal with (number 1 wetsuit manufacturer in the world) Xcel, for some brand new wetsuits. This Autumn we will have no less than 40 brand new wetsuits for guests on our equipment packages to use. If you have never worn Xcel before, trust us, you will never want to wear another suit!

Our new range of learner boards

To go with the new wetsuits we are also taking delivery of 15 new softboards for beginners. Softboards are perfect for learning to surf - less twitchy and more forgiving than a custom board - and we are delighted to be able to support the local economy and buy through a new Moroccan supplier in providing them.

For those of you who can shred a bit, fear not as you are not being left out. Orders have just been placed for a number of custom surfboards from top UK shapers Luke Young and Gulfstream. These too, will be with us this Autumn and will add to an already impressive quiver at the camp for use by guests on our guiding packages.

Those of you who like to bring your own boards will also be pleased to know that we now have a shop on site selling essentials such as wax, leashes, surfboard fins and other bits and pieces. So now you don’t have to worry about what might happen if you snap your leash at Anchors and you can save money on airline baggage charges and pack light!

You’ll want to leave some space in your bags anyway because the new Moroccan Surf Adventures T-Shirts will be available to purchase from here in the camp. By sporting one of these classic tees you are guaranteed to attract huge amounts of attention from the opposite sex back home. If that isn’t actually true, they still look cool, make a great souvenir and and no trip would be complete without one!

Samuel Morgan - Surf Physiotherapist

Another new arrival, this time in human form, (well, actually Australian, but it’s pretty close to the untrained eye) is our brand new in-house physiotherapist and yoga teacher Samuel Morgan. Samuel is a fully-qualified physio, currently practising in London and is going to bring his expertise, and healing hands, to the camp in September. This will really bring a new dimension to the camp and Samuel will help soothe away any troublesome post-surf aches. Something tells me he is going to be busy... Welcome to the family, Sam!

Around the camp this is time to do all the little jobs that need attention to keep everything running smoothly, giving the place a lick of paint and some TLC where needed. On top of that, we are also putting in a few enhancements that should continue to improve the overall guest experience.

A new breakfast/eating area has been created on the sun terrace, so you can enjoy those alfresco croissants in even more style!

Lastly, and you may not think it is important now, but you’ll thank us for it when you are here... We’ve just been through a fairly major project to upgrade the sanitation in the camp by installing a new two-stage septic tank. (Yep, it’s all glamour here, you know...)

So now, perhaps more than ever before, we are fully prepared to deal with any Sh*t that comes our way!!

Look forward to seeing you all from 10th August!

Denny, Nige and all of the MSA team

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