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In search of Morocco’s hidden reef break treasure with Transworld Surf, the Coffin brothers and friends.

We've worked with Transworld editor Justin Cote on past projects such as the iconic Taylor Steele film, 'Sipping Jetstreams' and the opportunity to assist him again was all very exciting. Prior to arrival, Justin had briefed us that this current program would be slightly different to previous trips in that, rather than focusing on the famous Moroccan point breaks such as Anchor Point and Killer Point, he wanted to film the powerful reef breaks that are prevalent in the North of the region. The team of young surfers that had been assembled from North America were all tube riding and aerial specialists and were all keen to display their talents in such waves...

Coffin Brothers grabs some downtime at the table - Transworld Surf Team

It was a pleasure to host Transworld surf magazine at the camp along with a collection of some of the finest surf talent in the world. It's certainly impressive to see how quickly surfing is evolving first hand and such trips provide a great source of inspiration for aspiring Moroccan surfers. Local surfer, Ramzi Boukhiam is now competing successfully against the world’s best on the Junior World Tour and many young Moroccans would love to follow in his footsteps.

Pete Devries from Canada, Oliver Kurtz from Florida and Conner and Parker Coffin from California were the stars of this show and they were supported by 2 photographers shooting from land and water and two videographers capturing various angles of the same ride. It was all meticulously choreographed and each water session was planned in advance with near military precision.

Oliver Kurtz and Parker Coffin enjoy a camel - Justin Cotes bottom turn

We loved the chance to showcase this part of the country. We have been surfing around the 'Wild West' of Morocco for years and have amassed a handful of waves that are world class on their day. Over the ten days the swell forecasts were small to moderate but we didn't surf a wave under head high. This part of the coast picks up considerably more swell than Taghazout and when we have small swell forecasts this region is the go to area for guests on our Guiding packages. The deep water surrounding the area amplifies any swell and the shallow bottom contours guarantee a steep hollow experience.

MSA's role in the production was to find best uncrowded waves with scenic backdrops and ideal lighting. This has become our speciality over the years and with input from Den, Hisham and Rachid the results (yes we've had a little preview!) are quite spectacular. Very few people are aware of the potential in this area and a good guide is a must as it can be treacherous getting in and out of the water without assistance. All the Transworld crew were amazed and most appreciative of our guides’ ability to find empty lineup after empty lineup...It wasn't until day 5 that we shared a wave - further south with two stoked local surfers. Everyone got their work done...

Pot of gold at the end of the Moroccan rainbow.

If you want to get a proper look at what it is all about and see some up and coming chargers having a blast, the footage is all due to be released in Transworld magazine's Travel Edition in July. With the other destinations the team visited prior to Morocco and their planned onward itinerary, I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for the release. The film footage will also be premiered in July at the Vans US Open of Surfing. Den and I are hoping our invites arrive safely via Poste Maroc...

All of us at MSA would like to thank the Transworld crew for the experience and it’s a great compliment that all the guys want to return in the future with friends and family. I'll look forward to that trip and hopefully the extra hour grace you'll allow us in the mornings?!

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