It's Official, We’re Moving!

August 1st 2018 marks a new era for us in Morocco. We open the doors on Villa Dar al-Salam (house of peace) at Paradise Plage and turn the lights off for the final time in the existing guest-house in Tamraght.

We’ve resided in Tamraght for nearly 20 years so it's not without a certain amount of sadness that we leave friends, families, memories, concrete trucks, early morning construction workers and overzealous developers behind. Yep, it's been pretty easy to be honest!

Beautiful New Rooms

For the record, we’ve rallied the staff and every member of the team is joining us in this adventure. It wasn’t easy convincing everyone to move 15 minutes up the coast however concessions have been made and deals negotiated.

  1. Scotty was promised his own exclusive 5km beach break directly in front of the villa with plenty of wet sand for his educational, surf-related drawings. Smiley has confirmed it's a perfect beach for 'selfies'.
  2. Mo Mo has a contemporary glass dining room with bespoke slate tiles thus complimenting his white shoe collection, impeccable taste in music and confirming his status as the smoothest chef in town.
  3. The cleaning staff have been gifted 13 new en-suite bathrooms to clean each day (yep their pay rise has been confirmed). Malika has taken her driving test, passed and is already the safest driver in Morocco. She is also running a share taxi scheme between Tamraght and Imi Ouaddar each day.
  4. The guides are now closer to Ankas, Killers, Boilers and Draculas reducing their driving time and extending their afternoon siestas and personal surfing time further.
  5. Den and myself have purchased a new fishing rod each with matching fold out camping chairs (thankfully we have a fish market in town for back up).  It must also be mentioned that we are now the proud owners of an infinity pool, complete with slightly excessive water feature and a games room containing a pool table, darts and beer fridges.

Building Work At The New House

Please come and join us guys, grab some friends and we’ll enjoy the new Villa together from August 1st 2018.

Nige, Den and all the team.

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