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The guys at MSA (surf instructors/guides & students) have been testing our products for many years and our annual staff trip to Morocco normally means an opportunity to kick back & make the most of MSA’s amazing guiding services.

This winter however we wanted to combine these resources along with a photo & film shoot for a marketing campaign featuring the new Xcel Comp wetsuit range.

Credit: Jason Yeoman

The team consisted of:

  • Reubyn Ash, a UK surfing legend that is known for his laid back style & progressive aerials.
  • Rookie, Patrick Dark, the under 18’s Welsh champion.
  • Garazii Sanchez, female Spanish champion.
  • Eduardo Delpero, a World longboard champion.

There was the usual deadlines associated in a marketing campaign along with the apprehension of a surf trip full of Pro-surfers to Morocco. It was the end of April and normally the end of winter swells in the Nth Atlantic or was it?

Credit: Jason Yeoman

Contrary to popular belief, Morocco still receives good quality swells & conditions into the Spring and we were reassured by the team at MSA. Not only did we score numerous high calibre waves but the crowd levels were pretty much non existent. Even at the World famous wave, Anchor point.

This gave Jason Yeoman, our photo/videographer, the opening to set his aperture & fire away without any distractions and produce more than double the usual amount of footage of his surfing subjects. For evidence on how fruitful this trip was please have a look at the amazing footage of Reubyn & Eduardo on the you tube links below.

Credit: Jason Yeoman

I would like to thank the team at MSA for putting us on the spot at the right time & tide & for appreciating the intricacies of what makes a successful media marketing campaign.

Dan Wakeham
Marketing manager Xcel wetsuits.

Link: Xcel Wetsuits Europe
Video: Reubyn Ash Tests the New Xcel Comp X Wetsuit
Video: Yeah, World Champion Longboarder Edouard Delpero Knows How To Shift Foam

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