Explorer Surf Package

The desert regions to the North and South of Agadir boast hundreds of miles of empty, inviting coastline and uncharted waves. Come and discover them with us...



Over a dozen years running the country's premier surf camp in the Agadir region, we have witnessed first hand the increasing popularity of the local breaks with visiting surfers and that has been great. We are proud of our pivotal role in driving responsible, sustainable tourism to the area. But for us, the essence of surfing is about discovery and pushing boundaries and we are always looking to offer something new and exciting. The time had come to hit the road again.

We had been acutely aware of the potential for great surf in the ‘desert regions’ outside of Agadir for many years, having been fortunate to guide many of the world’s elite surfers into The Sahara on film and photo shoots. Without the luxury of internet mapping technology or guide books, finding the best waves was painstakingly slow. But over the years we have gradually discovered and documented some fantastic new surf spots. The hard work has been done and now you have the opportunity to surf perfect, uncrowded waves with just a handful of select friends. Since 2012, the preserve of the privileged few has been available to you on our Explorer 4x4 tours.

Unsurprisingly, since our first trips ran back in October 2012, the Explorer 4x4 tours have been a roaring success.

Waves all to yourself!

What to expect

Our Explorer tours are also flexible to suit the conditions. We don't follow a strict daily itinerary but we have built up a tried and tested formula for adapting to the weather, waves, time and tide to ensure you get the most from your adventure. Our Explorer tours are flexible to suit your needs. Some guests like to spend time at the camp recovering from their journey to us and acclimatising - and we have developed a new Extended Explorer package especially for them - whilst others like to depart the moment they touch down in Morocco. One thing’s for sure, once we leave the camp our mission to find uncrowded waves begins...

Departure morning is always full of nervous energy and excitement as we sort ourselves out and load the trucks. Our vehicles of choice for these trips are all 4 X 4, seven-seater, Mitsubishi SUVs - chosen for their sturdiness and ability to handle pretty much anything the wild Moroccan desert terrain can throw at you. We take a maximum of four guests per vehicle to allow for comfortable travel and generally take a trailer for boards and camping equipment. Our kit list is comprehensive, but experience has taught us to travel light to keep the trucks more mobile in what can be extreme driving conditions. At this point, somebody generally tries to bring the kitchen sink along and needs a little persuasion that we'll pick up another one for them on the road..!

Moroccan surf road trip.

Hitting The Road

Departure moment arrives. Be prepared for the longing glances and unmistakable look of envy that radiates from the camp terraces from those not coming along. Don’t feel sorry for them. They will have a fantastic week too, and there is always next time. We have literally had to turn down cash offers for a last minute seat, though! Then it’s a toot of the horn, and a 'see you next week' as thoughts shift to the most taxing decision of the week; what board am I going to to ride?!

Our travel plans are guided by a combination of the swell forecasts and forecasted weather conditions. If large swells are forecast for the week we may head northwards to take advantage of the plethora of high quality points and protected breaks. Some of the spots in this area can be a little off-limits to travelling surfers. There are some highly-prized gems that are jealously guarded by the local cognoscenti. But over the years, together with our own Moroccan guides, we have built up an excellent rapport with the locals in many of these secret spots and respect shown has opened the door to many a memorable session in these waters.

On a moderate swell forecast, we may decide to head south to explore the southern coastal regions. Driving over rough tracks and golden sand, here you find a range of hidden coves, expansive beaches and reef breaks that are very exposed to Atlantic swells. There is always surf and you can look forward to surfing together in turquoise water, hidden from view by golden cliffs and no one else around. Expect sand dunes, unique rock formations, camel trains and ample opportunity to surf 'never surfed' waves. You may even discover a new wave here that you can name yourself, like some of our other guests!

Camping on the beach in Morocco.

Camping Under The Stars

Our selected path dictates our choice of accommodation over the course of the week. Over the years we have stayed in a mixture of hotels, Moroccan homesteads or Riads, but staying in the tents is always the firm favourite. Camping under the desert stars is an experience like no other.

Once we locate a good spot, we position our camp as close to the sea as we can, generally using the backdrop of sand dunes or cliffs for protection from the wind.

Early evenings are spectacular with everything becoming lit by an orange desert glow. This part of Morocco is frequently blessed with clear, cool, starry nights that, coupled with a roaring fire, make for an unforgettable experience. A typical evening will be spent, gathered around a campfire, tucking into one of Dahman’s exquisite fish or vegetarian tagines, a glass of Moroccan wine in hand and the sound of happy banter and crashing waves in your ears. On many a night we will find ourselves joined by a local herdsman, with or without camel, or a fisherman who brings over a musical instrument for evening entertainment or challenges us to a game of beach soccer on the sand. Morocco versus Rest of the World. Morocco generally wins!

After all the excitement we finally turn in for the night. Provided you have placed your tent on flat ground and don't roll out during the night (it has happened!) you wake at first light as the sun is rising, unzip your tent and are greeted by waves. It is amazing and a lasting memory for all our Explorer guests. Then it is a race to be first into the sea and riding waves!

The Explorer tours are a great way to discover the coast in a laid back, fun atmosphere but behind the scenes is a great deal of organisation to make sure everything runs smoothly so you can make the most of the adventure.

Charcoal cooking.

The Desert King

Or should that read dessert?! Taking care of our vital catering and travelling requirements over the week is Dahman. He is the younger brother of Momo, our resident chef at the camp, and the skills definitely appear to run in the family! Dahman has quickly earned our admiration as the king of desert cuisine with his innate ability to conjure up deliciously fresh, authentic Moroccan dishes in the most out of the way environments.

Breakfasts usually consist of fresh Moroccan bread, eggs, cereal, tea, coffee and fruit juice. Lunches are made up of fresh - filled baguettes and rice or pasta salad to quell the midday surfing hunger. Dinners come in the form of rich Moroccan tagines of fish, lamb, beef or even camel; sizzling barbecues and a variety of salads. (As with the surf camp, vegetarians are happily catered for, just let us know in advance.)

Beach cooking Moroccan style.

Dahman also shares his big brother's people skills and nothing seems to be too much trouble for him. When you need a morning pick me up, Dahman is there fixing you that extra cup of coffee. He’ll find you a telephone card to call home one minute and then the next he’ll be on top of the trucks tying a huge stack of boards to the racks, ready to head to the next epic spot.

Surf guides and MSA owners Denny and Nige are also permanent fixtures on the trips. They make sure that things run smoothly and everyone is happy and bring their own unique blend of experience and knowledge of the area to share. They represent the drive to find new places and the infectious joy of being out on the road. Come and share the experience.

What's Included

  • Return airport or bus station transfers from Agadir.
  • 4 x 4 transport.
  • Tents or Riad style accommodation.
  • All meals.
  • Water and soft drinks.
  • Boards and suits can be provided if required.

Maximum 8 surfers per trip.
Our scheduled trips are open to confident intermediate or advanced surfers.
Alternative schedules can be arranged for private groups.
'Learn to surf' trips can also be arranged during April to October.

Not sure what your skill level is? Click here to see the prerequisites.

Dates & Prices

Explorer Trip

1 week road trip
700GBP (with own surfing equipment)
750GBP (with surfing equipment provided)

New Extended Explorer Special Offer

1 week road trip with 1 week surf-camp (Guiding or Lesson package)
999GBP (with own surfing equipment)
1100GBP (with surfing equipment provided)

Trip Advisor

If you do one surf trip in your lifetime make it this one! This is the first time I’ve encountered empty waves day after day which in this day and age is unheard of! This trip is truly a trip of a lifetime. I would like to thank Denny and Nige and the whole team for having the foresight and the sense of adventure to head south for the surf, I had a fantastic time and quality waves! Roll on next year.Chris C, Plymouth, Explorer Trip Review

Agadir airport and bus station transfers are FREE except for stays of less than one week and out of hours transfers (between 22:00 and 06:00) when charges will apply; please see the our prices page for a full breakdown.

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