Prerequisite Tables

For your safety and enjoyment it is essential that you meet all the specified package criteria.

 Beginner / Improver
(Surf Lessons)
Able to swim at least 25 metres. tick tick tick
Possess a reasonable level of fitness and be in general good health. tick tick tick
Able to take off un-aided on a green (unbroken) wave.   tick tick
Able to turn frontside and backside across the wave.   tick tick
Comfortable with surfing over rocks.   tick tick
Surf a "hard" board.   tick tick
Able to surf waves up to head high from the peak to the trough.   tick tick
Able to duck dive or punch through green waves with confidence.   tick tick
Know how to throw a Shaka.***   tick tick
Able to perform cutbacks, re-entries and possess the ability to tube ride.     tick
Able to surf over shallow rocks or reef.     tick
Able to ride a short board or longboard.     tick
Know at least a dozen members of the current ASP top 44.***     tick
Know how to throw a double shaka.***     tick

*** Not strictly essential!

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