Pro Surfer Portfolio

Over the many years we have been in Morocco we've had the pleasure of guiding and hosting some of the best surfers on the planet.

Denny has an acute understanding of what is required on a film or magazine shoot and has earned the reputation of being the 'go-to guy in Morocco'. He will do anything to give the pro's exactly what they need! Below are some of the projects we've been involved in...


Andrew Schoener & Mini Blanchard

Featuring: A whole host of people!

Just wait until you see this footage!

Sipping Jetstreams

A Taylor Steele Film

Featuring: Shane Dorian, Dan Malloy & Mike Losness

The Morocco section of this cult film gave Taylor Steele the inspiration for the project that became Sipping Jetstreams. We guided the crew to a secret spot that had been under wraps for many years and Taylor pretty much bagged the whole film in the first 3 days. Good clean conditions and solid swell prevailed enabling Taylor to expand and capture the area beautifully.

Surfing Magazine

Photography by Corey Wilson

Featuring: Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nichol & Dillon Perillo

Now released, beautiful shots, go grab a copy!

Castles In The Sky

A Taylor Steele Movie

Featuring: (missing in action Kelly Slater.) Mikala Jones & Marlon Gerber.

Despite a few technical issues this footage was shot way down in the Western Sahara. A real pleasure guiding the crew around some very inhospitable terrain and coastline.

Modern Collective

Filmed by Kai Neville

Featuring: Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn & Dion Agius.

This film was about the new era of surfers and made Kai Neville the house hold name he is today. Check out Cluster, his latest film which we helped film Dane Reynolds' section of the film. Awaiting for the release of this film…

Billabong Trilogy

A Taylor Steele Movie

Featuring: Taj Burrow, Laurie Towner & Shaun Cansdell

This film was meant to feature Taj, Joel Parkinson and Andy Irons but sadly, due to a lay over period at a surf contest in Mundaka, Andy and Joel couldn't make it. Laurie and Shaun more than made up for things. Another successful shoot building on the experience gained on the first film trip.

Footprint Guides

by Chris & Demi Taylor

Featuring: N/A

Surfing guide book for Europe & North Africa. A pleasure to be involved with, Denny was asked to contribute with the story of how things started, why he settled in Morocco and how this impacted on his family life.

Transworld Surf

Photography by Dustin Humphrey

Featuring: Shane Dorian, Dan Malloy & Mike Losness

This was the documented shoot of the trip that ended up Sipping Jetstreams. Quality journalistic skills by Justin Cote.

Surfer's Journal

Photography by Dustin Humphrey

Featuring: Shane Dorian, Dan Malloy & Mike Losness

This gave Dustin Humphrey his first SJ front cover. This really was an eye opening cover with the use of filters on a front lit wave surfed by Shane Dorian. I remember receiving a call from Dustin with a massive thanks!

Campaign 2

A Taylor Steele Film

Featuring: A whole host of short clips with an array of international surfers.

Campaign featured out takes from the film footage from Sipping Jetstreams. Check out the 12 second barrel that Shane Dorian gets at Draculas, I actually gave him this wave to show my professionalism, haha.

Tide Magazine

Photography by Hilton Dawe

Featuring: Taj Burrow, Laurie Towner & Shaun Cansdell

The same crew as Trilogy but this time we were asked to put together the article! A day to day account of the trip, translated into German for the magazine.

Surfing Magazine

Photography by D.J. Struntz

Featuring: Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn & Dion Agius

An article documenting Modern Collective. For the Safi segment we organised a boat for D.J. Struntz to shoot from the channel, no mean feat but what great images it made.

Zigzag Magazine

Photography by Alan Van Gysen

Featuring: Sean Payne & Dave Richards

This article was called Slab Raiders and the front cover speaks for itself. A full on hunt for the heaviest of waves Morocco has on offer. Working with AVG is always a pleasure and after three shoots with him it's amazing to see how hard everyone pushes themselves to get the required results.

Surfgirl Magazine

Photography by Tara Moller

Featuring: Sarah Bentley & Dominique Kent

Another travel article shot many years ago with a couple of the most experienced women surfers in the UK. After years of guiding all male pro groups around, the truck smelt a lot nicer for sure!

The Stormrider Guide

Europe, The Continent

Featuring: N/A

Since Oli at Stormrider introduced Morocco to his guide books years ago we have helped him out with all of the well know surf breaks in this rich area. Detailed information from the best tides, swell direction, the way a wave breaks to what a wave breaks over. This level of detail helps maximise the travelling surfer's potential to hit these waves at the best time.

Seeing Fatama's Eyes

A Book by Thomas Campbell

Featuring: Dave Rastovich, Craig Anderson, Alex Knost, Dan Malloy, Ryan Birch & Trevor Gordon

This book was a collection of photos that T Moe had taken in Morocco over the past decade. Having worked together many times it's clear to see that his artistic talent will make this book a winner. We're looking forward to receiving our copy any day now!

DZG Magazine

by Dave Rastovich & Thomas Campbell

Featuring: N/A

An article written by Dave Rastovich covering the last of Thomas' trips to Morocco, a country that has been on Rasta's bucket list for many years. Film footage was shot of this trip but has been put on hold by Woodshed productions for the time being. We will keep you posted if it hits the production floor.
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