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Guiding is available for intermediate to advanced surfers. Tell us your level and we'll set you up with the best waves Morocco has to offer!

Moroccan surf road trip.


With over 20 years surf guiding in Morocco there is no-one who knows this coastline like us and our team of experienced Moroccan guides. Our local guides are all brought up here and are passionate about the region and its unlimited surf potential.

We have had the pleasure of hosting some of the world's best surfers such as Dane Reynolds, Taj Burrow, Shane Dorian, Dusty Payne, Dave Rastovich and Connor Coffin to name but a few. Clearly you don’t have to be a professional to stay with us, but with the diversity of the Moroccan coastline and ever changing winds, experience is the key to being in the right place at the right time and away from the ever increasing crowds.

For your optimum enjoyment and safety it is important that you select the right guiding program for your ability (intermediate or advanced) so we can focus on getting you great waves during your stay.

Intermediate Guiding

You may be slightly nervous about surfing over rocks or reef however our guides will show you the spots along with the entry and exit points to push your boundaries. Morocco has a large, diverse coastline that provides intermediate surfers with a playground of waves to explore. Please note there is no tuition on this package.

We recommend that you can:

  1. Paddle into most waves you attempt to catch
  2. Turn your board frontside and backside
  3. Understand various wave types, surf etiquette and possess a reasonable level of fitness.

Our aim is to get you the ride of your life in the quietest spots.

Advanced Guiding

If you are an experienced surfer who is happy and prepared to travel distances to find the best, uncrowded conditions; if you are comfortable riding reefs and point breaks then the advanced guiding package is for you. Feel free to check out films such as Sipping Jet Streams, Modern Collective and Trilogy for waves you could be experiencing. There are also plenty more waves to be discovered.

We recommend that you:

  1. Duck-dive well
  2. Ride reefs, points and tubes
  3. Are prepared to travel and take advice from the guides on the day’s best conditions.

Our aim is to put you in the best conditions with the lightest crowds at the right time and tide.

What's Included

We guarantee to source the best surfing conditions for you and your group on any given day, time or tide. Our local guides have been brought up here and are passionate about their region. They will happily cover miles to deliver you to the best waves.

  • Return airport or bus station transfers from Agadir.
  • Accommodation.
  • Surfer’s Breakfast (e.g. Eggs, cereal, delicious Moroccan bread, tea, coffee, juice etc).
  • Lunch (e.g. Fresh filled baguettes, rice/pasta salad, crisps, small juice).
  • Evening meals.
  • FREE authentic Moroccan cookery class with Momo.
  • Surfboard hire (Plus free wetsuit hire if required).
  • Daily transport to the best surf spots with guides.
  • Morning yoga sessions.

Advanced surfer on road trip.


From 599 GBP

PRIME MONTHS : 699 GBP(no hire) / 749 GBP(inc hire)
PEAK MONTHS : 699 GBP(no hire) / 749 GBP(inc hire)
MID SEASON : 599 GBP(no hire) / 649 GBP(inc hire)
Prices above are per person per week***
Click here for single night prices and a breakdown of months/seasons.

Example of daily itinerary (departure times may vary)**:

  • 07.30 - Morning yoga session (optional)
  • 08.30 - Breakfast
  • 09.30 - Depart camp with instructors for appropriate beach or point break
  • 07.00 to 09.00 - Depart camp with Guides (departure time depends on conditions)
    Breakfast or lunch on the road and surf at least 2 sessions
  • 12.00 - Lunch at the beach
  • 13.00 - Afternoon surf session
  • 17.00 - Return to Villa, swim in the pool, relax, use the games room and socialise
  • 19.30 - Evening meal

Longboarder on surf guiding trip.

Save Money - Travel Light

Airline carriage fees for sports equipment like surfboards are getting expensive (even Easyjet from Europe charges 84 GBP for return board carriage), some airlines do not take boards at all and then there is the potential hassle of delay, loss and damage to consider when travelling with your own boards. At Moroccan Surf Adventures you can save yourself money and hassle by booking a guiding package with equipment provided. We have an ever-growing selection of excellent surf boards, with shapes and sizes to suit any ability and surf condition. It costs just £50 per week to add equipment hire to your package. Try it. It’s a great way to travel light, experiment with different boards and you never know, you may even discover a surfboard that suits you better than your current stick!

Trip Advisor

Guiding knowledge was incredible. Staying only 10 days there is absolutely no way we would've scored the surf we had if it wasn't for Nige, Denny, and their network of friends they've established over their 20+ years of exploring the Moroccan coastline. Dalame_45, Febraury 2014

** The above itinerary is only an example of our intermediate guiding package. We are constantly looking for the right conditions to enhance your learning and enjoyment. Tides and winds play an important role in producing the right conditions, so as with all things surfing, flexibility is the key to maximum enjoyment!
***PRIME MONTHS : Oct, Nov, Dec | PEAK MONTHS : Sep, Jan, Feb, Mar | MID SEASON : Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Agadir airport and bus station transfers are FREE except for stays of less than one week and out of hours transfers (between 22:00 and 06:00) when charges will apply; please see the our prices page for a full breakdown.

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