Yoga For Surfers

Try our free sunrise yoga sessions; there's no better way to start a day before heading out into the surf.

Sunrise Yoga Session

Every morning before breakfast, guests are welcome to join our resident yoga teacher for a yoga session specifically designed for surfers. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced yogi, you’ll benefit physically and mentally from an hour of yoga focused on preparing you for your day on the surfboard.

Yoga and Surfing

Here at MSA, we’re always looking for ways to make sure our guests get the most out of the amazing swells in this part of Morocco. So when we learned about the huge benefits yoga can have for surfers, we decided to make yoga an integral part of our daily routine.

Why is yoga so good?


Many yoga poses involve balance, which is also essential for surfing. The focus is on relaxing your body and breath. This translates directly to the surfboard: rather than freezing into position once you’re up, you stay supple and at ease, ready for anything.


Yoga is a great way of increasing your flexibility, which makes everything from popping up to manoeuvering through a barrel so much easier. Simply put, the more supple your body and muscles, the easier it is for you to move on the board and in the ocean.

Reduce stiffness and soreness

Ever come away from a day of surfing with tension in your shoulders, lower back, arms or chest? Yeah. We thought so. Yoga works as both injury prevention and recovery assistance. Our morning sessions are an amazing way to loosen up any tense muscles, and get a good stretch through all of the main muscle groups before you head out into the surf again.


Yoga utilizes the full spectrum of muscles in your body, building strength and resilience. The result? Loads of extra energy and stamina. Particularly experienced surfers will be aware of the importance of core strength (i.e. strong abdominal and lower back musculature) for popping up, turning smoothly and riding those waves. Yoga also works the deeper abs and muscles that support the spine, making your body strong and ready for a long day on the board.


Breathing is central to yoga and important to surfing. Throughout the yoga sessions we continually return to focus on the breath - this increases your body awareness, increases your lung capacity and helps you relax. All great for optimizing your surfing.

Time to relax. the emotional and spiritual benefits

Yoga reduces stress. You react less to the stuff going on around you. You focus and concentrate more easily. You tune out distractions. You stay in the present, connected with your surroundings and your body. All this helps you to be the best surfer you can, as well as enjoying every moment you’re out in the ocean.

Our sunrise yoga sessions are completely voluntary and we won’t make you feel bad if you decide it’s not for you. But we’re convinced of the benefits yoga brings to every moment you spend on the surfboard. So give our sunrise yoga sessions a shot, and get your day of surfing in Morocco off to the perfect start.

How does it work?

A typical morning session includes:

  • Warm up.
  • Sun salutations.
  • Standing poses to work the legs and improve balance.
  • Stretches to open up the back, shoulders and chest.
  • Abdominal and arm strength poses.

Depending on the level of the group, we might also do some inversions.

Each session ends with at least 5 minutes of ‘savasana’ or relaxation. (Everyone likes this bit!)

It is our aim that after each yoga session you will feel energised, focused and ready for a day of surfing. Surfers and non-surfers alike, of all levels, can benefit from these yoga classes; so if you always wanted to try some yoga but never got around to it, this is your opportunity...


I had mixed feelings initially about taking part in the yoga as in the UK I never took to it, but I gave it a go and with the encouragement I needed I was hooked for the whole week...

The morning yoga classes are a must; brilliant for stretching out those tired muscles.

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